I Thought Castle Was Just A Crime Show And Instead It Ruined My Life, an epic novel by me


I am dying to see some Castle and Beckett selfies. Can you imagine how cute they would be?


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Anonymous: Castle/Pacific Rim crossover. Kate and Johanna Beckett were a crack mother-daughter pair of Jaeger pilots (Brave Justice?) till Johanna was killed during a kaiju attack. Now Montgomery tracks her down and brings her back, insisting she'll find someone who she is drift compatible with. She does. Rick Castle. Fellow pilots Ryan and Espo can't wait to see this go down....




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He’d stood in there in the ice and cold and cutting wind, tall and bald and black, eyes pinning her down. Marshal Ray Montgomery, his voice still warm, still paternal, still unyielding.

He’d asked her if she wanted to die here, or in a Jaeger, and that had been that.

And now she was back in a Shatterdome, the first time in years. The place was a hive of activity, from running repairs to active Jaegers to the logistical and scientific machinery that kept the program active. Her hazel green eyes flickered over the vast bays, taking it all in. The tall, stocky form of Cherno Alpha. The lithe lethality of Striker Eureka. The familiar lines of Green Tango, Ryan and Esposito’s Jaeger, the one she’d fought beside for years.

And then there, at the end, in it’s own bay, still being rebuilt….Bravo Justice. A hive of work crews clamber all over it, but there’s obviously one man in charge of things, standing at the feet, answering questions and directing traffic. She strides towards but before she can call out, he must sense her approach because he swivels to her.

Bright blue eyes under a deliciously devilish cowlick of brown hair meet her own, electricity crackling in the air between.

"Are you Kate Beckett? I’m Rick Castle, in charge of the Bravo Justice's repairs and upgrades.”

"Call me Beckett."

She can almost feel the heat emanating off his body, his too-tall body when she stands next to him. Oh shit, no. Please, no.

"If I forget, you can spank me." Blue eyes twinkle, and she fights to suppress a grin and tries to dredge up annoyance as a reaction, not attraction.

Let him not be the one…

So of course, they do drift-compatibility trials the next day (right after Becket and Mori, and the crews are already cracking jokes about Becket and Beckett, back from their exiles to revive their previously-dead Jaegers. It’d be unbelievable, if it wasn’t true), and he’s watching with hungry eyes as she dumps candidate after candidate on their ass. Till she’s tired of him watching, and throws him a staff.

It’s like sparring with a mirror image. Or a taller, heavier, incredibly handsome and masculine mirror image.

Of course he’s drift-compatible with her. Just her goddamn luck.


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#I love that you worked in the film crews #I love that you let her be sincerely annoyed that it’s him who’s the perfect fit #imagine Season 1 Becket stuck with Season 1 Castle in her head #I am trying not to get too excited #because I KNOW you said you didn’t love the movie #but come on #the wider universe and crossover potential is just moutwatering #pacific rim #pacific rim au #castleramblings

I imagine if I wrote a sequel to this it would consist of a lot of irritated looks, sexual frustration, innuendo and end in orgasms. Because letting Season 1 Beckett and Castle peek inside each other’s heads with the end of the world being nigh cannot end any other way. But yes, even though I didn’t love the movie, I think the setting/universe has a lot of potential for crossovers and such.


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